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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Why does Grandma Smell Like Toast?

Warning: The following post is a little if you're faint of heart or you are eating, you might want to skip this. I know you sickos will keep reading, of course...

On July 2, 1951, Mary Reeser brought Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC) to the forefront of scientific investigation. Her death is so bizarre, it really defies logical explanation.

Ms. Reeser had said goodnight to her visiting son and was last seen sitting in her easy chair of her modest St. Petersburg, FL apartment. Her neighbor, Ms. Carpenter was awakened by smoke, and traced it to Mary Reeser's door - which was scolding hot.

What firefighters and police found was immensely gruesome and incomprehensible. Mary's 170 pound body was nothing more than 10 pounds of ashes, her skull that had shrunk to the size of an orange, and her left foot completely intact. The room showed signs of heat damage - plastic was melted on switches and outlet covers, melted wax from her candles, and her chair was severely damaged. But that was it no widespread fire damage at all.

Dr. Korgman of the University of Pennsylvania that performed the pathology exam was baffled. He said it would take temperatures of more than 3000 degrees to do destroy a body so...especially the bones. With that much heat generated, the entire apartment - the entire building - should've gone up in flames. It's a classic case of SHC.

So what happened? Is SHC real? There are several theories out there:

1)Alcoholism...probably perpetuated by Charles Dickens in one of his novels where a drunk spontaneously combusts. They did an experiment where they saturated human flesh and tried to light it. Sounds like a Beavis and Butthead episode to me. The flesh didn't burn much.

2)Divine intervention...this was popular in the 17th century, particularly in the less-education population. I guess the thinking was you look at your cousin in the wrong way and God will turn you into crispy toast for having such lewd thoughts.

3)Build up of static electricity...ok, I tried this in the 5th grade. The library had thick lush carpet. I dragged my feet on it for almost 20 minutes straight and shocked the hell out of Todd Weber. He screamed like a girl and told on me...but he didn't shoot up in flames.

4)The "Wick Effect"...this is the most widely accepted scientific explanation. In 1999, the BBC TV show QED showed how SHC was really not such a mystery. They believed that body fat could indeed burn for a long time. So they did what any British scientist would do - they burned a pig! They took a pig, wrapped it up in a blanket (ha), put some petrol on it, put the pig in a room, and lit 'er up! The result? Tasty bacon on English muffins with tea in the morning.

5)Build up of methane gas...this theory was made popular by the renowned investigative TV show South Park. Here's an excerpt from one of their episodes where Kenny apparently spontaneously combusts:

Mayor: All right, people. Scientist Marsh and I have been working very hard on the problem of spontaneous combustion, and we have finally come up with a solution. Mr. Marsh?

Randy: The little boy combusted because he had a new girlfriend. It wasn't the girl that caused him to combust, it was the fact that Kenny did not want to pass gas in front of her. The methane gathers here in the bowel area where it causes pressure. Normally a person would expel this byproduct in the form of a pleasant fart. Should the gas not be expelled, the methane can build up and then ignite, leading to... disaster. Kenny combusted because he held his farts in for too long.

Townsfolk: You mean, all we have to do is fart and we won't explode?

Randy: Exactly. [after a while, a fart is heard, then more farts follow as the townsfolk release their gases]

Mayor: So, from this day forward, everyone in South Park will be required to fart on a regular basis to insure that nobody else spontaneously explodes.

So please, take spontaneous combustion prevention measures at regular intervals and whenever you deem neccessary.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Teenage Mutant Ninja HUMANS?

A Chimera (ki-mer-a) is a mythological creature with a lion's head, a goat's body, a serpent tail, and wings. Until recently, chimeras were fictional characters much like the Oracle or the half man-half horse Centaur. Now, science is creating a whole new breed of chimeras.

This is not to be confused with the cross-breeding that occur "naturally," or at least under the guidance of Husbandry Technicians (a.k.a. farmers that help animals 'do it'). Sure, there are Ligers (half lion-half tiger), Zonkeys (half zebra-half donkey), and my favorite - the Wolphin (whale-dolphin). These creatures are hybrids, and these hybrid offspring were created by more natural means. Although, hybrids themselves are sterile.

And this isn't like the case of Oliver that made worldwide news as being some sort of Humanzee. This chimp looked and acted human. He even walked upright ALL THE TIME. Chimps can indeed walk upright, but only for a few yards. He mixed drinks, used the toilet, and washed his hands. The normal chimps stayed away from him, which was just fine with Oliver since he preferred human socialization anyway.

We're talking about scientists taking human stem cells and injecting them into animals.

Sounds creepy, doesn't it?

In the last year or two, these are just a few samples of these new lab-borne chimeras:

In China, they were able to fuse HUMAN cells with rabbit eggs, which grew into embryos and were destroyed.
In Minnesota, they created pigs that have HUMAN blood running through their bodies.
In Nevada, scientists created sheep with HUMAN livers and hearts.
And in California, they injected HUMAN brain cells into the brains of mice.

Of Mice and Men indeed!

Why would scientists do this? Many reasons. They would be able to test medicines on animals with more accurate measurements on how it would work for humans. For example, a mouse with human immune systems could be used to test drugs trying to combat AIDS. They could learn more about how brain cells form in the hopes of curing Parkinsons. Human organs could be harvested from these chimeras in order to save human lives.

The National Academy of Sciences has already made known it's recommendations concerning chimeras. Canada has already banned their creation. Scientists are treading carefully, but there are some inherent risks with what they're doing.

In California's Silicon Valley, they've already got mice running around with 1% human brain cells in their brains. Eventually, they want to create mice with 100% human brain cells! They would still have mice brains but made up of human brain cells.

Ok, the thought makes me shiver.

Now imagine this...what if they successfully create mice embryos with human brain cells and the human cells organize inside of these creatures? What if the human cells attach and migrate to other parts of the mice's bodies like their reproductive systems. Then...two of these human brain mice mate? Oh my...the end result would be...


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

UFO Whisperer...

This story has been circulating since late May...

A man that calls himself Prophet Yahweh alledges he has the ability to summon UFOs at will. Through the power of prayer and utilizing techniques he has mastered from studying the Old Testament.

In Las Vegas, a local news channel decided to challenge him. So they picked the day (May 31st), the time, and the place (a park). The Prophet begins to pray...and sure enough, in broad daylight...something appears in the sky.

You need to see this video! It truly is amazing. The object is moving about, and appears to move towards them. The news reporter is astonished and even calls his boss to tell him that his story needs to be "changed." This WAS to be a story about a real nutcase. But to the amazement of the reporter, cameraman, and several bystanders - it appears Prophet Yahweh is the real thing.

Watch the video above before reading on...and prepare to be stunned.

Prophet Yahweh believes that God and angels are extraterrestrials and fly in spacecrafts. Apparently, the Messiah will descend from a spaceship to "take over" the Earth eventually.

Here's yet ANOTHER video of Prophet Yahweh summoning another UFO. (

The footage is truly incredible.

Prophet Yahweh made a very bold statement...he said that for 45 days between June 1st - July 15, he will be calling down a bunch of UFOs for the media. Then, on July 15, a large spacecraft was going to hover above Las Vegas so everyone could see it.

July 15th came and went, no spaceship.

Prophet Yahoo then said that the spaceship's visit was to be delayed for a year. Not sure why. Maybe the UFOs ran out of Jesus Juice. Perhaps some high density foam accidentally hit the flying saucer's heat shield. Who knows.

I, for one, believe Prophet Yeehaw is the real deal. I mean, he is in touch with his real self as a true prophet should be. Just look at his personal ad on Yahoo. This guy is a king among peasants, searching for his queen.

He is going on a 50 state tour to show everyone that he does have the power to summon UFOs at will. The tour was to begin on August 7th, but it's been delayed indefinitely. According to Prophet Yo-yo, the darn laptop shoulder strap supplier hasn't delivered his order and the software that has taken 8 days to install still isn't finished. DARN IT!

So all the naysayers need to prepare for the coming of the Messiah...his spaceship will be arriving any moment. If he lands at Chicago's O'Hare, expect delays. Prophet Yoohoo is authentic, my friends. Oh, and by the way, that's not a weather balloon he's holding below. It' his daughter's birthday party.

And don't look at the picture below either, it's not what you think.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Get 'em while they're young

This story has been making the rounds the last couple weeks...

It seems that a company in Japan has been selling tons of a product called Kidsbeer...a non-alcoholic "beer" geared specifically for children. At first, this Guarana-based beverage was just a regular sweet tasting softdrink. But Satoshi Tomoda, president of drink-producer Tomomasu, colored the drink dark brown, lessened the sweetness, made it more frothy, put it in beer bottles, and called it Kidsbeer.

And it's a big hit. Initially, they were shipping 200 bottles out per month of the Guarana soda. After marketing it as beer for children, they are shipping 75,000 bottles per month. Get this...their slogan is:

Even kids cannot stand life unless they have a drink.


President Tomoda said that his Kidsbeer is great because, "If you get this drink ready on such occasions such as events and celebrations attended by kids, it would make the occasions more entertaining." He also said this product is perfect for kids because "children copy and mimic adults." at the wedding, little Taku will act like daddy and get "pretend" drunk on Kidsbeer and go back up to the room with Mr. Tanaka's wife after putting roofies in her Sake?

But this is Japan afterall. Japanese culture is not only foreign to's really really really weird.

Japan is home to: Godzilla, Pat Morita, Long Duck Dong, and Hello Kitty. ever watch a Japanese game show? Weird, weird, weird.

Japanese culture is quite different. Mr. Tomoda's comment about events being more fun for children with Kidsbeer makes sense, coming from the Japanese point of view. Their culture emphasizes the group instead of the individual. Here in America, the opposite is true. In Japan, to "fit in" with the others and do as they do is a strong cultural/societal desire. We call it conformity. They call it unity.

Here's the most pressing issue...Kidsbeer is a Guarana drink. What exactly is Guarana? What are they really giving kids?

Guarana is from a plant that grows in South America. It's found in the Amazon and in parts of Brazil. Guarana is known for packing a punch - it's a caffeine type of stimulant. There have been no real studies done on Guarana and the effects on children. They believe it may cause anemia, and it's a strong diuretic. Get this...

Many speculate that it's also an aphrodisiac.

That's just great. Now little Taku will be at the wedding acting JUST like his father for sure.

The thing is, why stop at fake beer? How about Candy Cocaine? Happy Heroin? Maybe they can market some zoysia grass wrapped in paper and call it Kidsjoint.

Little Taku could get a jump start with learning the ways of REAL adults with his fake beer and fake drugs. It'll be great practice for the authentic stuff. When he comes to America to go to college, he'll fit right in!

Friday, August 19, 2005

The Day After Tomorrow TODAY

"The sky is falling!"

Hold on there, Chicken's not the sky falling. It's a gigantic hunk of ice!

The Fontana, California home of Johnny and Correan Worthy was recently struck by a massive piece of ice measuring 3 feet wide and 4 inches thick. At 9 PM just last Sunday the megacryometeor crashed through the roof of their home and slammed into a chair in the livingroom where Johnny normally sits.

Luckily, Johnny was in the kitchen washing dishes.

His wife, Correan, was thankful no one was hurt. She told reporters that she's not really in shock about the damage done to her home. HUH? A hunk of ice came from clear skies and put a hole through your roof! Not to mention it could've killed Johnny had he been sitting in his favorite chair watching ESPN. Plus, the ice chunk barely missed a gas line.

Maybe the fact that he was actually washing dishes shocked her more.

The damage was pretty severe. The ice's impact was so great, it blew open the front door and sent shards of roofing material flying in all directions. The flying "shrapnel" even tore tile off the walls.

Megacryometeors are a mystery to scientists. They have been occurring more and more often. On July 21 of this year, a ice-meteor punched a hole through a roof of a Lacey, Washington home. And in Februrary of this year, a block of ice the size of a concrete block slammed into a Decateur, Illinois home.

Apart from their super-size, what remains a mystery is how these things are formed in the first place. They've been known to come down from clear blue mild temperatures. Recently, scientists in Spain believe it's from global warming.

Oh great. Of course they would blame it on global warming. Global warming is supposedly responsible for all the hurricanes, tsunami tidal waves, vanishing polar bears, extintion of the dinosaurs, escalating gas prices, and the cinematic release of "From Justin to Kelly."

Other theories abound...from biblical prophecies to terrorists. Geez. People really are so dumb.

I know the real culprits...

Think about it.

They have access to ice. They are also experts with ice - ever heard of Wayne Gretzky? How about that Olympic diabolical duo of Sale and Pelletier? Canadians do have the resources to create ice catapult machines. They have the perfect geographical position to launch these huge Canadian ice bombs at the U.S. And they have motive - world domination.

Who do you think was responsible for the Great Blackout of August 13, 2003? I know that it was a Canadian plot to cut off power to the Northwest while heavily armed Canadian Mounties and a secret Canadian military force dubbed "The Penguin Patrol" were to cross the border from New York.Just look at them....readying their ice torpedoes...preying on unsuspecting and innocent Americans.

Witnesses from Buffalo, NY have said that at night, you can hear the Canadians sharpening their ice skates and arming their icy-terror cannons.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's's ALIVE...IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Patrick Kochanek and other scientists from the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research have successfully brought dead dogs back to life. Sounds like something out of a B-movie right? Just how did they do it?

First they drained the canines of their blood, refilled their bodies with extremely cold "replacement fluid," then placed the blood back into them, and used electric shock to revive them.

Not all dogs came back, however. According to Dr. Kochanek, "We do not in any way say that every outcome is normal." So...does that mean some of the dogs came out abnormally???

The ones that did make it were fine, and after some testing were found to be just great with no apparent brain damage. I'm not really sure how the good doctors figured that out...are there some cognitive canine tests they could do? Did they use the standard "fetch the stick test?" Or maybe they observed the pups sniffing each other's defrosted butts.

Actually, the medical uses for this kind of research is profound. Those that are critically injured could be put in this sort of "cryogenic" state in order to minimize tissue damage until they can operate. In fact, Founder Dr. Peter Safar is responsible for inventing CPR. The technology the Safar Center is creating could potentially be life saving. It would revolutionize how modern medicine helps severely critical patients.

A spokesman for the Safar Center said they plan on testing this procedure on a HUMAN subject within a year!

Who will be the very first human to be re-animated????

Actually, isn't Keith Richards a surviving subject of a similar experiment from the 60s???

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Behold the power of PEE!

Scientists have been working on creating little biochips that can help detect certain diseases. This technology would make it possible for people to get diagnostic tests done at home.
The only problem has been how to create a powersource to run these biochips.

That's where the power of pee comes in.

Apparently, scientists have been able to harness the great power found in urine. In the newest issue of Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Dr. Ki Bang Lee discovered a method of using ordinary household pee to power tiny batteries.

With the pee hitting some copper chloride paper, there's some sort of reaction that produces the same amount of power found in regular AA batteries.

The biochips would be cheap, easy to use, and disposable.

So does the quality of the pee affect the output of power? The yellowier, the more potent? What if someone were to eat a lot of garlic...would that yield different power wattage?

Do they need fresh pee? How about old pee? Does the "freshness" of pee affect the power as well?

Maybe Dr. Lee can push this development along and figure out a way to use pee to power other types of mechanisms like televisions, cell phones, and video game systems. Imagine that - instead of using expensive batteries and having to recharge them constantly, you could simply pee on your equipment to run it.

The more water you drink, the more endless supply of energy you'd provide. Instead of carrying around battery packs, you'd carry around pee packs. about harnessing the power of pee to run automobiles? Urine is free, and perhaps less of a pollutant. And if you're urinationally challenged (a.k.a. dehydrated) you could buy urine at local "urine stations" for much cheaper than $2.60 a gallon for sure! The smell of pee combustion can't be too bad.
It'd give a whole new meaning to the term, "Fill 'er up!"

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Where's the Beef?

Imagine...chicken nuggets without the chicken.
Prime rib without the rib.
Hamburger without the ham...wait, there is no ham in hamburgers, right?

In a recent issue of Tissue Engineering (sounds like a fun periodical), scientists from Maryland have said that they have developed new techniques to growing edible meat in the lab. Apparently, NASA has been working on this technology as well in order to create food for space travel.

Wasn't the meat loaf in the tube not good enough?

One method would involve growing the meat in sheets....and then layering the meat sheets. MMMMM! Meat roll ups anyone?

Another is growing the meat on these beads and harvesting them for making into nuggets or burgers. Sort of like meat-balls.

The benefits of this kind of science is actually pretty substantial. You could create meat with the beneficial omega 3 fatty acid instead of the bad omega-6. With world population exploding, you would be able to more easily meet the increasing demand for meat. Safety would be easier to control, like the dangerous e.coli associated with tainted meat. And for those animal rights activists, the slaughter of cows would no longer be associated with a delicious hamburger.

There are some challenges like taste, texture, and overall weirdness. I mean, test tube meat? Just sounds really bizarre. But I guess that's progress. People from a hundred years ago would probably urp watching someone eating a corndog. And what about Spam? That's a strange concoction, but it's widely accepted as a part of a healthy nutritious diet, right?

For me, I find the idea of test tube meat fascinating. Why stop at lowering bad cholesterol and pumping meat with omega 3 to make us all healthier? Imagine the possibilities of creating new hybrid

Bicken (beef and chicken)
Harkey (ham and turkey)
and my favorite...

Bork (beef and pork).

I can taste the test tube deliciousness now!

My question about this test tube meat is, would a vegetarian eat it?

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hallelujah It's Raining Blubber!

It was November in 1970 when a 45 foot 8 ton sperm whale washed up on a Florence, Oregon beach. The townspeople flocked to the curious site, but after a few days, the rotting corpse began to smell really bad. So on Nov. 12, the Oregon State Highway Division decided to dispose of this huge carcass using modern day engineering practices and good 'ol fashioned American ingenuity.

Led by the legendary highway engineer George Thornton, this Oregon "thinktank" decided to use dynamite (and lots and lots of it) to disintegrate the whale to allow seagulls and other scavengers to naturally dispose of the remains.

Sounds like a plan to me!!!

When Paul Linnman of KATU Oregon news asked him about this ingenious flexing of engineering muscle, Mr. Thornton replied, "Well, I'm confident that it'll work. The only thing is we're not sure just exactly how much, uh, explosives it'll take to disintegrate this... thing."

How many cases of dynamite should they use? 5, maybe 10?

Try 20...20 cases of TNT, or one-half ton of it.

75 local bystanders looked on from a quarter of a mile away as Thornton and his band of happy engineers strategically placed the dynamite under the dead whale. They put the dynamite where they believed it would be best so the blown bits would go towards the Pacific Ocean.

When the half-ton of dynamite exploded, the guests were oooooh-ing and aaaaaah-ing. It was a marvelous sight to see. A giant ploon of smoke covered what used to be a beached whale...and soon the bystanders and reporters were running for their lives as huge chunks of whale blubber rained down on them.

On the video, you can hear a woman screaming, "Here come pieces of...MY GOD!!!!!!!!!"

A car parked a quarter of a mile away from the whale was completely destroyed by a huge mass of blubber, but thankfully no one was seriously injured - IF you don't consider being covered in rotting whale guts, blood, and innards "injured."

As the smoke cleared, a gigantic mass of half blasted sperm whale still remained on the beach. The seagulls were no where to be found, and people who had been watching in awe were now trying to wipe away stinky whale bits from their faces. In the end, they had to bury the whale...and people rushed home to shower for seven days.

To commemorate this special day in marine disposal, the state of Oregon has declared November 12th as "The Happy Feast of the Exploding Whale." It's probably a great occasion for locals to celebrate by eating as much seafood as possible until they feel like they are about to burst.

Just keep the engineers away from the dynamite.

Monday, August 08, 2005

"Hubby Can You Hear Me?"

Men have no problems hearing's listening to them that's the issue. Why is it men seem to find it difficult to understand women? Is it a case of "selective listenting?" Or maybe it's the "nagging wife" that seems to turn off a man's auditory-comprehension abilities.

According to recent research, there is a biological reason for all of this miscommunication.

The female voice is more difficult for the brain to process.

Scientists from Sheffield University in England studied the brain functions of 12 men as the subjects listened to recorded voices from both men and women. What they found was not just startling, but obvious.

Dr. Hunter said then when men listened to male voices, the back part of the brain was most active. This is the simpler thought process at work. The men's minds didn't have to work very hard in processing another male's voice.

When listening to a female voice, the auditory section is most active - similar to what happens in the brain when listening to music. Doctors noted that the female voice is much more complex, has a wider range, and even has a "natural melody." So while a lady's voice is music to men's ears, it takes more brain function and complex processes to interpret the voice.

In other words, it takes too much work.

So women, take heart. It's not that your man is being indifferent or uncaring. Nor is he deliberately shutting you out.

New research shows that your man is simply lazy.

Friday, August 05, 2005

12 Year Old's Science Project Leaves Scientists in the (Sugar) Dust

Researchers at the prestigious Monell Chemical Sciences Center in Philadelphia have found that cats are unable to taste anything sweet. Apparently, there is some sort of genetic defect that prevents them from having the proper receptors to taste sweets.

Joseph Brand, Ph.D., spearheaded this study, which received funding from Mars Inc., the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs. This is a major breakthrough in science, and the possibilities of applying this knowledge are many.

However, this discovery was already made by a then-12 year old girl in Hawaii five years ago.

Lisa Manuzak was 12 years old when she decided to make her household cats her science project for the school science fair. She used different bowls of water, each with specific types of taste: bitter, sour, salty, sweet, and one plain. Lisa tracked the taste preferences of her two pets for one month. Her conclusion:

Cats can't taste anything sweet.

Apparently Lisa's cats tried the salt water, didn't like the sour or bitter, and drank the sweet and plain water equally. Further using the power of observation, she noticed that catfood naturally contained tastes cats love, like meat.

Lisa's science project was all funded by her father, Robert. The total cost of the project was just about $0...five bowls, some water, sugar, etc.

Fast forward five years later, and 17 year old Lisa Manuzak finds the article on cats written by the Associated Press just this past Monday, August 1st. She and her family got a big kick out of seeing real scientists coming to "outdated" conclusions about the feline taste buds, but Lisa doesn't mind not getting any attention, credit, or big grant from scientific foundations or U.S. agencies...

Her project was rewarded with an "A."

Thursday, August 04, 2005

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine...X-rays?

This mnemonic device is one of the most well known to school children in the country. We learned this little saying in science class in order to help us remember the nine planets in the solar system...

Mercury,Venus,Earth,Mars,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune, and Pluto.

But now, scientists are wanting to strip Pluto it's planet designation with the discovery of a new planet 2003-UB313, or "Xena" as the astronomers have casually been referring to this new object.

Pluto is a tiny icy ball, even smaller than our moon. It was discovered in 1930, and scientists have always been weary of calling it a bonafide planet. This raises an important question: what exactly constitutes something being deemed a planet?

If it's a case of some object that orbits the sun, then there are hundreds of planets in our solar system. There are a plethora of chunks of ice and rock in the outer edge that revolve around our sun.

"Xena" is larger than Pluto, and indeed orbits around the sun - although the orbit is inclined 45 degrees. This strange angle is why no one discovered it before, no one was looking there. It is visible with large telescopes and a map; it's in the eastern sky in the constellation Cetus.

As the debate rages Pluto a planet? Is Xena a planet? What about the other objects found beyond Neptune then? Will children have to remember the names of another 10 or so planets?...the big question for me is...WHY NAME A PLANET XENA?

When Dr. Brown, the astronomer that discovered the planet back in 2003, was asked why they named it Xena, he replied that, "we've always wanted to name something Xena."

Not good enough, my dear professor. Naming a planet after a television Greek warrior princess just doesn't cut it. The planets in our system are named after Roman Gods like Jupiter and Mars. Let's stick to something cool like that. Maybe Vesta, Maia, or even Ceres.

But Xena? No thanks. Plus, it messes up the mneumonic device...hard to come up with a good word that begins with "X" that makes sense. My very educated mother just served us nine...x-rays? x-acto knives? xylophones? xanax?

If the nutty professor is stuck on naming this new planet after a television about naming it planet....

His orbit is off kilter too.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

When You Gotta Go on the Go...

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and you're just not able to hold it any longer? Nature calls, and you can postpone the inevitable for only so long. What about those with medical conditions that complicate things? Or maybe that chimichanga you had at lunch isn't agreeing with you while you're in the car. What's a person to do?

The new Indipod by Daycar is the answer.

It allows you to do your business in the privacy of your own car. This British invention is an actual in-car toilet. What about prying eyes while you engage in one of life's most private moments?

The Indipod comes with this built in inflatable privacy bubble to cover all the windows and such...and it creates a more relaxed and comfortable environment. Plus, I'm sure the bubble protects those outside your car from any malicious odors. Even those foolish to remain in your car while you take care of business are the bubble completely surrounds you and the air fan masks any embarassing noises you should be making.

How much can this Indipod hold? It has an 8 person-days capacity. In other can hold 8 days' worth from one person or one day's glorius medley from you and 7 of your best buddies.

Leave it to the British to invent a sophisticated product like the Indipod...

I guess the American version, the Bumper Dumper, has some pretty heated competition.

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